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The Hemorrhoids is used to refer to a condition in which the veins around your anus are inflamed and swollen. You might be suffering from Piles for a number of reasons including straining during bowel movements, pregnancy, chronic constipation, and anal intercourse. You could also get Piles if you are sitting in one place for too long or if you are obese and are putting unnecessary strain on your rectal veins.

Hemorrhoids are usually located internally inside the anus or externally under the skin around the anus. The symptoms of Piles may include painful swelling in the anal area, bleeding, and intense pain during bowel movement. Other symptoms include severe itching and a burning sensation around the anus and the surrounding areas and difficulty in passing stool.

To cure Piles you must find the root of the problem. KSHAR SUTRA IS APPLICABLE IN THE CASE OF FISTULA AND HEMORRHOIDS OF 3rd DEGREE. Hemorrhoids or Fistulas are the problem that occurs frequently, if you have surgery, and then it will occur again. So I recommend palliative treatment.

To cure   Piles ensure that you drink plenty of liquids because insufficient liquid intake can cause a hard stool, or even chronic constipation, leading to hemorrhoid irritation. Excessive consumption of dairy products can cause an excess of lactic acid in the stool which leads to rectal irritation. Ensure that your diet includes yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber cereals.  You must also exercise regularly and practice better posture. Treatment in Ayurveda is very effective for Hemorrhoids.

Due to such a long standing disturbed Indigestion, your body channels must be having Huge Deposition of AMA (Undigested Food Particle). This AMA is responsible for all the symptoms which you are having at present.

You need Ayurveda Medication which can make the below two steps possible –

1) Digestion of AMA

2) Expulsion of Digested AMA from Body

our body needs the Expulsion of Toxins and this can only be achieved with the help of Ayurveda Herbs.

Now On the very first place, IN Disturbed Indigestion, passage of the stools with a bit of mucus / blood / pain. So if we have to analyze a patient’s condition as per the principles of Ayurveda, I shall say his/her “Jathragni” or the power of digestion is at its lowest. I also have an idea that nature of stools must be loose / sticky / smelly / burning sensation and all these point out that the stool which comes out from the anus is in a “semi-cooked” state.

Our digestive system must be capable of absorbing the nutrients from the food and expelling the undigested / waste material as stool from the anus. Patient’s digestive system is at present unable to perform these two basic functions. In Ayurveda, we really have very good quality herbs to cure this problem but before coming on the prescription, I shall further like to explain to you in little more depth.

Along with medication you have to follow certain parameters then your problem will be solved forever Take a site bath daily for half an hour during treatment and even after complete relief your problem will be cured .This is the problem that originate by wrong food habits .If your food habits disturbed you will again get it.

Take green and leafy vegetables

Take buttermilk

Never constipate

With the medicines prescribed by us, patient feels a considerable level of improvement in a time span of 20-25 days whether the Hemorrhoids are of external / internal type and within a period of 3-4   months the patient is completely cured.If you want to know more information and treatment for this diseases. Ayurvedic consultation in India is always helping you.

May GOD bless you always with best of Health.

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Treatment of Psoriasis With Ayurvedic Herbs


In ayurveda lots of herbs are here with which we can treat this dreadful disease .It is an immunity disorder. In ayurveda there  are lots of herbs with which we can raise your immunity. Due to less immunity Rakta Dhatu( blood) is vitiated that is the reason for suffering from  psoriasis.  Psoriasis is not contagious but it is hereditary.We can treat this disease with our miraculous herbs at Bhatia Ayurveda

I am hereby sharing the names of herbs which are specifically aimed at production  of substances that fight with disease causing factors in psoriasis.

1.    Kranj

2.    Haridra

3.    Manjistha

4.    Sariva

5.    Guduchi

6.    Kirtikt

7.    Aswagandha

8.    Shatawar

9.    Neem

10.   Haridra

11.  Chitrak

These herbs are very helpful in treating this dreadful disease.

Also light massage on your body with KRANJ Oil for  two or three months  can help you to get rid of it. Take care of following thing.

1. Do not stay in very high or low temperature for a long time time

2. Do not eat refrigerated food or stale food

3. Do not take alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Please never ever Hesitate in discussing / sharing any doubts of yours over Phone / Email. We shall be extremely Delighted to serve you with the best of Ayurveda Health Services.

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You will be recovered 100% by completing the above course

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Endometriosis is primarily a Kapha problem due to the increasing buildup of cells and overgrowing much like a tumor Endometriosis can also be thought of as a Pitta problem because of the involvement of blood, hormones, and menstruation as well as the inflammatory nature of the disease. Vata is also involved in a number of ways. One is the painful nature of endometriosis which places Vata at the center of the imbalance.

There is the involvement of Apana Vayu in the downward movement of menstrual flow and also the involvement of vata in the circulation of blood.The most obvious sign of the role of Vata is the displacement of endometrial cells from their original location in the uterus to places outside. According to Ayurveda Gokshura is a great support for heart treatment.

Therefore, endometriosis is a Sannipatika condition involving all three doshas although the proportion of each may vary to a certain extent according to the individual patient.
vata disorder has the qualities of roughness, instability, dislocation, division, attachment and piercing pain Among these qualities dislocation (dislocation of cells from inside to outside of endometrium), Attachment (of ectopic endometrial cells to other organs),and piercing pain are the main characteristics of endometriosis.

Pitta symptoms includes only hemorrhagic patches and thickening of skin are present in endometriosis.I personally consider it a condition of Vata pushing Pitta pushing Kapha out of balance. Endometriosis which is the growth of endometrial cells outside the uterus. This to me, places Vata at the base of the problem & Apana Vayu which holds Pitta (blood) and causes it to move up and around.

Pitta then becomes vitiated causing heavy bleeding and inflammation. This pitta vitiation creates an irritation which induces kapha to enter to provide comfort by coating the irritated area. The kapha influence then causes a buildup of cells and overgrowth. The Sannipatika nature of the disease.

I considered endometriosis was that of Yoni Kanda or vaginal tumor   Presence of all three symptoms is that caused by the increase of all three doshas are seen as the features of this disease.


Since disease is a result of toxin accumulation, poor nutrition, poor digestion, and imbalances of the mind and nervous system, treatment must include steps to correct the imbalances and reverse the process of disease. The goal of our medicine is to Create the body’s natural self-healing abilities to  treat endometriosis.

Since endometriosis is a condition of ama accumulation, the treatment should focus on detoxification/reduction or Shodana therapy in order to remove the ama and get the doshas back into their original locations . Therefore Agni therapy is indicated first of all,. Most importantly, the liver should be cleansed or tonified as it has a role in menstruation and hormone production.
The dietary and digestive issues must be addressed.

There are two parts to the digestive issues:

One is the problem of insufficient Agni which is a precursor to ama formation
The issue of proper nutrition endometriosis is primarily a condition of Vata pushing Pitta which eventually pushes kapha out of balance.

When Vata  and Pitta doshas are successfully reduced by Gokshura , Kapha dosha will retract in response. The dhatus affected are Rasa dhatu (menstruation) and Rakta dhatu (blood) as well as majja dhatu (nervous system/ pain). The srotas involved are  artavavaha srota and also monovaha srota due to the involvement of pain and emotions that accompany the condition.


The vagina should be filled with powdered red ochre, kernel of mango Irrigation of vagina with decoction of triphala mixes with honey Drugs for External Use Massage with Shatpushpa oil.

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