Ayurvedic Consultation in India for Psoriasis Herbal Treatment


Myself Dr. Mukesh Bhatia B.A.M.S active in Karnal for the last fifteen years .I want to unfold the information of writing throughout the planet.

In writing countless herbs are here with that you’ll be able to get obviate it. It’s AN immunity disorder. In writing there are countless herbs with that we are able to raise your immunity. Because of less immunity Rakta Dhatu( blood) is vitiated that’s the rationale for full of disease of the skin. Disease of the skin isn’t contagious however it’s hereditary. We can treat this malady with our herbs.


There is nothing to fret and it is terribly simply managed with the assistance of healthful Herbs. I am herewith sharing the names of herbs that ar specifically aimed toward production of gear that fight with malady inflicting factors. Psoriasis Herbal Treatment is a best way to cure Psoriasis without any side effect.


I am herewith sharing names of herbs which will add disease of the skin (HEREDITARY)

  1. Kranj
  2. Haridra
  3. Manjistha
  4. Sariva
  5. Guduchi
  6. Kirtikt
  7. Ashwagandha
  8. Shatavari
  9. Neem
  10. Chitrak

These herbs are terribly useful in treating this dreadful malady.

Please light massage on your body with KRANJ Oil for 2 or 3 months you’ll be able to get obviate it. Take care of following issue.

  1. Don’t keep in terribly high or coldness for a protracted time.
  2.  Don’t eat cold food or stale food
  3. Don’t take alcohol and effervescent drinks.

Please never ever Hesitate in discussing / sharing any doubts of yours over Phone / Email. We shall be extremely delighted to serve you with the best of Ayurveda Health Services.You may be recovered 100 percent by finishing the on top of course.

For any question or Do you have any doubt about Psoriasis treatment? Get free Ayurvedic Consultation in India from expert Doctor Mukesh Bhatia. Call +919215567044.(7 PM to 9:30 PM IST on all Days together with Sunday.



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