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Cold weather poses danger for those with heart disease for a variety of reasons.  Heart attack usually occur in people with build up of fatty plaques in their arteries.  For a heart attack to occur some sudden event must cause to crack and rupture at which point blood platelet get sticky and form a clot in the artery.
In a study published in circulation the journal of American heart association
The merry Christmas coronary  and happy new year heart attack. By Dr prof Robert kloner. Research shows that the rate of heart disease related deaths rose sharply between Dec 25 and January 7.
Even otherwise a study carried out by Indian council of medical research has shown that heart ailments are replaced by communicable disease as the biggest killer in rural and urban India. About 25 percent death in age group of 25-69 occur due to heart disease.  There is an increase of about  10 – 20 percent of cardiac arrest in winter months as compare to warmer month. While season effects every body in a same way increasing the amount of labour done by the heart for a normal person hardly feel stress .But this can be dangerous for a person with weak heart.

There is a combination of factors that increase heart attack.
Spasm of arteries when a person get exposed to cold weather body  automatically response is to narrow the arteries so that heat is retained .But for people having  arteries filled with plaque the narrowing of blood vessels raises the risk that it will block the arteries and triggering a heart attack. .
Due to narrowing of arteries  increase the blood pressure lead a strain on the heart. This has become a double whammy.
In  cold weather blood platelet appear to be more  active  and sticker and more likely to clot .in turn cholesterol levels rises in winter.

During winter there is a change of day and night which causes an increase of stress hormones eg cortisol.
Believe it or not  study from Shimla show that heart  attack rate jump  dramatically after snowfall.
Medicine links low level of vitamin d the sunshine vitamin is a higher risk of heart attack in men
Do following thing to avoid heart attacks as an ayurvedic physician in India I recommend all the people of world

Do exercise and walking daily.
Wear thermal wear
Take hot drink like kahwa, green tea,  coffee, drink hot water to open channel of your body according to ayurveda.
Avoid smoking and tabbacoo.
Take 30ml red wine.
Skip shopping from malls and do online shopping.
If it really cold do yoga with your friends ir neighbours.
Avoid fried fatty and non vegetarian foods.
Take arjunadi churna.

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The nervous system is a very complicated and delicate set of nerves which spread through out our body and control all the bodily activities. The nerve cells originate or receive impulses and impressions of various sorts, which are conveyed from them to the muscles , blood vessels by efferent nerves or received by them through afferent nerves coming from the skin, organs, sense organs , jan be oints.
Nervous disorders can be broadly categorized as
1. Organic
2. Functional

wonderful ayurveda

wonderful ayurveda

In the first category disease included are the result of somatic changes.
According to Ayurveda however most mental disorder are due to vitiation of the three doshas viz. vata, pitta and kapha , one of the ancient texts opines that person with a weak will power, beset with bad habits of eating and drinking. Fall a prey to mental disorders because three doshas are vitiated
Medicines used in Ayurveda to cure Schizophrenia
Correct dosage and administration will led you to live a life free from schizophrenia
Ayurveda has the ability to completely cure schizophrenia
What you need is a right physician and right approach. Do contact