The nervous system is a very complicated and delicate set of nerves which spread through out our body and control all the bodily activities. The nerve cells originate or receive impulses and impressions of various sorts, which are conveyed from them to the muscles , blood vessels by efferent nerves or received by them through afferent nerves coming from the skin, organs, sense organs , jan be oints.
Nervous disorders can be broadly categorized as
1. Organic
2. Functional

wonderful ayurveda

wonderful ayurveda

In the first category disease included are the result of somatic changes.
According to Ayurveda however most mental disorder are due to vitiation of the three doshas viz. vata, pitta and kapha , one of the ancient texts opines that person with a weak will power, beset with bad habits of eating and drinking. Fall a prey to mental disorders because three doshas are vitiated
Medicines used in Ayurveda to cure Schizophrenia
Correct dosage and administration will led you to live a life free from schizophrenia
Ayurveda has the ability to completely cure schizophrenia
What you need is a right physician and right approach. Do contact


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