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Ayurveda, Disease and Astrology
In ancient times, while treating patient ayurvedic physician worked according to astrology. Certain diseases are linked to certain specific planets. Every organ is related to a particular planet. By this they know how much time to be taken by a patient to get rid of their problem. Sometimes they experienced that diseases is same but by taking same herbal medicine patients are not responding to same treatment.  But for this they read horoscope of patients. From which it is decided which planet is responsible for disease. From horoscope we can know which dasha period is going on. We can also know Dasha of Maraksthan. For this Devvyapaashray chikitsa is done. Mantras Chikitsa is done. Mantra chikitisa is done to slower the effects of disease causing planets. By doing this, same treatment become more effective. Treatment is done and patients are cured.

In todays world, we also work according to Astrology and take the benefits of this year old science to treat the patients. It really helps the patient to come back from long sufferings.