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Diabetes mellitus, Insulin and Ayurvedic Herbs treatment
A type of problem that is common among the whole world.  Every seventh person is suffering from diabetes. Cause of diabetes everyone knows is sedentary life. Diabetes mellitus is of two types IDDM and NIDDM. But in ancient times 3000years back when Ayurveda physician does not have any modern techniques like glucometer, Hbac, blood sugar check up. An Ayurvedic Physician can discover it by nadi or session of questions answer and urine examination. Ayurveda physician found it by checking private part.
But now days, Allopathy has done a lot to us. They control the disease by more appropriately because they put on tablets and insulin.
I salute them for this method.  But on the other hand they are causing damage to kidney. Diabetes also has its own side effects as diabetic nephropathy and diabetic neuropathy.  As an ayurveda physician I advise you to take your allopathic drugs in same manner.  Take your insulin as such if you are taking.  But take ayurveda herbs to rejuvenate your pancreas which helps you to control your diabetes naturally. I don’t want to say that you completely depend on ayurveda herbs.  You take these herbs for 2-3 months regularly.  Definitely your dose of your insulin will decrease. On the other hand herbs help to fight you with side effects of allopathic drug. Save your kidney.  Help you in rejuvenate your nerve cells which get weakened due to diabetes.  These herbs are very good for young generation people who have lost sexual power or impotent due to diabetes. People of 30-40 years of age must take herbal preparation. 
I shall never say to you not to take allopathic medicine. You must take it but take rasyan therapy to live long and good life with diabetes. 
Care of your feet daily by washing with hot water at night and examine it carefully. 
Take an apple daily.






Thousand of years back, Ayurveda had already written in its literature that there are another systems or channels other than vascular system.  These channels are called Lasika system which is now a day’s called Lymphatic system.
At that time, there is no knowledge about Hodgkins lymphoma and non Hodgkins lymphoma. They mentioned in their literature that there’s a formation of granthi in the lymphatic channels or lymph nodes.  And vitiated lymph nodes due to vitiated dosha are called Vikrit Granthi and now a days is called Hodgkins and non Hodgkins disease. About 3000 years ago Ayurveda doesn’t have any chemotherapy and radiation, but they are 100% capable in treating the disease.
They don’t know much about Viral infection or malignancy. But they know there is abnormal growth of lymph nodes which lead to the formation of arbuda or cancer. They mentioned that cause of disease is unknown.  They called it as idiopathic region but the illness given by gods and goddesses. But they treat the abnormal formation or Granthi. They wrote in literature when immunity of person’s goes down the disease occurs.  It may be due to wrong eating habits.  Eating stale food or now a days refrigerated food. Sedentary life style. Bad sexual habits.  All these things lead to OOJ Kshaya or lowering of immunity.
For this they prescribed lot of herbs and herbal preparation.

It is also written in literature about Navgrahashanti. The planets which we are not able to see but they effect our body and life. They recite special prayers to counteract disease.
As an ayurvedic physician I salute allopathic system of medicine to for inventing B cells, T cells and certain other cells for inventing Hodgekins and non Hodgekins lymphoma. But the root cause is same lesser immunity or vitiation of lymphatic cells.
I advised every patient of Hodgekins disease and Non Hodgekins disease to take allopathic treatment chemo and radio therapy.  But take these herbal medicine and Ayurveda herbal preparation as an additive therapy. These herbs help you in raising your immunity or OOJ as well as your power to fight with disease.  As well no side effects take them as herbal supplements, food supplements.

Do yoga and regular exercise to fight the disease