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Tonsillitis a common problem but it is a headache for parents.
Children from age group 1 yr to 5 yr are suffering from a common problem of URTI and Tonsillitis.
Complaint of fever with chills pain in throat, white exudation of pus in tonsils region. Mothers can see by herself.
Once tonsillitis occurs it takes 5-6 days of children.  Children stop eating.
Sometimes it occurs 3 times in a month.
I request those parents to raise immunity of their children with Ayurveda rasyan to stop or slower recurrent attacks.
Giving antibiotics again and again you are treating the infection but by raising immunity you can make the child to fight with infection.
Ad much as possible we have to save the tonsils because they are the police guard of our body.
By taking rasyana if we can raise immunity of our child.
Save it from recurrent attacks of tonsillitis and antibiotics.




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Chronic sinusitis a common headache but creates a big problem to the people living in metro cities or worldwide. These people have allergic rhinitis.  In ayurveda it is called pratishaya.
Patients suffering from these problems have mucopurulent discharge, headache, facial pain around eyes and cheek bones.

Throat congestion, nasal drip, post nasal drip
They are antibiotics and anti allergies in routine.
Basically they are patients of rhino rhea, severe sneezing specifically exposure to dust and smoke.
I advised them to take ayurveda herbs to raise immunity to get relief from ayurveda herbs and leave antibiotics. Leave the antibiotic, anti allergic slowly- slowly not at an instant.  If taking ayurveda herbs if you are taking anti allergic in routine and then you have to take once a week.
These patients used ayurveda herbs to raise immunity.

I am not saying you will get rid of problem in one day but problem is solved in a year or few months. When your immunity is raised problem get solved.
Thought for the day put Goghrit in nose than putting nasal drops of steroids.




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HIV Patient commonly asks a question- HIV positive to HIV negative is possible.  It is very difficult to say. When ayurveda and herbal medicine were discovered no HIV 1 and 2 are possible.  At that time only disease occur to the king and people who have high profile suffer from disease OOJ Kshaya has a very wide spectrum in which people died due to less immunity. King and high profile people have many wives and physical relation. By this they usually suffer from AIDS or OOJ Kshaya. At that time herbs are used to raise immunity. No blood test is available.
As an ayurveda physician I want to say take your allopathic medicine to treat disease but take ayurveda herbal treatment to raise immunity to fight with disease. Take herbs as an additive medicine to raise immunity.
Also live a healthy life if you are HIV positive. It doesn’t matter whether you are HIV positive or negative if you are healthy and live your routine day to day life.