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In sciatica disease pain travels from hip region to foot. It causes travelling pain in leg.This pain occur in the region of sciatica nerve.
Reason for sciatica disease
1.Inflammation of sciatic nerve
2.Diabetic Mellitus
3.Rheumatoid arthritis
4. Abscess in the pelvic region.
5. Excessive drinkingsciatica
The  factors causes the inflammation of sciatic nerve
Mylein sheath of the sciatic nerve get inflammed.
Compression of sciatic nerve
Spinal cord compressed by tumour
Spinal cord lumbar vertebrae 5th and sacrum 1st and 2nd vertebrae get collapsed with each other.
Injury on spinal cord
Spinal caries
Calcium deficiency of bones
Inflammation of meninges of brain
Sometimes it gets compressed due to pressure on intravertebral disc gets dislocated or bulge out.
Sometimes inflammation is in the hip joint but the pain is referring in sciatic nerve.

Symptoms of sciatica

Patient has pain in sciatic nerve area.
Pain aggravates on sneezing and coughing.
During walking patient gait get disturbed.
Pain aggravates on doing straight leg raising.
Burning sensation on sciatic nerve area.
Numbness in leg.
On later stage muscles undergo dystrophy.

Patient must undergo MRI to confirm bulging if there is no pelvic tumour

Ayurveda consultation can solve your problem.

Rule out diabetes and control it and take ayurveda consultation.

For Disc compression and Arthritis induced sciatic nerve  consult ayurveda.
If you have spinal tuberculosis take Anti tuberculosis treatment and as a rejuvenation therapy take ayurveda tonics and medicine which help in speedy recovery and regeneration of  myelin sheath of nerve and give strength to body.

Do yoga.
Take Vattavyadhi treatment.
Take Yogendra Ras.
Take Vattakulantak Ras.
Take Praval Pisti.