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In today’s life, we find ourselves in a world of unbelievable pollution stress and toxic overload. Our bodies are no longer able to tolerate this assault.  As a result people are getting assault. As a result people are getting diseased.  In such a situation we have to fall back on ancient wisdom in which ayurveda has much to offer. In sanaskrit ayurveda means life and veda means knowledge. Ayurveda is the knowledge of living. It includes the body as well as mind.
According to ayurveda, food can either be used as a medicine or in the form of slow poison. Ayurveda makes use of various tools to restore health. Pranayam , yoga and fasting are the methods of healing used in ayurveda that has tremendous health benefits.
Overeating not a good idea
According to ayurveda if we overeat, food hangs around in our digestive system.  It then putrefies and become ama. Ama is the root cause of most disease. It seems to have a sticky quality which adheres to the channels known as strotas of the body obstruction of flow of energy.
Some of the symptoms of Ama were morning sluggishness, laziness, poor appetite, bloating or heaviness after meals. These accumulated toxins further compromise digestion they move in to channels and get deposited in the organs and tissues of the body where they act as the catalytic agents for disease. The deposit of Ama is strongly linked to obesity too.

Ama can be reduced or eliminated by fasting as it initiates the body’s own healing mechanism.
According to ayurveda accumulated ama must be removed before the treatment begins. Only then main treatment is effective.
However there is a word of caution ayurveda discourages fasting in excess as this also causes disturbance of agni. Fasting is a wonderful antidote for counting over indulgences.
Food during fast should consist of light soup made from split moog dal and khichdi. It is advisable to drink herbal tea on these days. You should take time to relax and avoid stress of any kind. You can take triphala 1/4 tsf to avoid constipation.

Fast is the fastest cure.



HIV, Tuberculosis and ayurveda.
Normally, when a patient comes with a problem of chest infection and he has a simple complaint of fever. Fever is of continuous pattern. On investigation and x-ray chest confirms Tuberculosis.
Doctors start Anti tuberculosis treatment.  But treatment fails, No result. Doctor advised to go for HIV test. It is positive. After that, viral load is calculated. Allopathic treatment is antiviral drug. This is common picture of almost every HIV patients that is seen in now a day’s practice. I as an ayurvedic physician recommend taking Rasyana therapy as an additive to your allopathic medicine to raise cd4 count and decrease viral load. By this additive therapy we raise immunity to fight with the disease.
HIV is a disease where our own ooj i.e immunity gets down. So to raise immunity by Rasyana therapy

HIV and Ayurveda
When you are suffering from any immune suppressive disease.  Your cd4 count is done. Cd4 count is going down.  It is test which tells about your immunity.  T cells, T lymphocytes which are released from Thymus gland. These T cells tell us the cd4 count. T cells are generated to counteract the bacteria and virus. HIV virus fights with these T cells. As the viral load increases the cd4 count goes down.
Ayurveda Rasyana therapy has the ability to raise the cd4 count. Rasyana therapy lowers the viral load. HIV virus has the ability to generate the copies of virus. Allopathic drugs attack on virus. Rasyana therapy increases the cd4 count.  So both therapies can go side by side.  Patient of HIV can lead a successful life. Cd4 count goes below 350 then HIV is confirmed.  So for treating HIV we have to raise cd4 count by Rasyana therapy.