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Spirulina is a cyanocobalamine that can be consumed by humans and other animals. There are two type of species

Arthrospira platensis

Arthrospira maxima

Blue green algae are commonly found in tropical and subtropical waters that have a high salt content but some types grow in large fresh water lakes

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Spirulina, Natural algae, that has high protein as well as excellent source of anti oxidants and B vitamins. It is one of the best protein sources, if harvested from non contaminated ponds.

For vegetarians, it is recommended for high Natural Iron content.

During Pregnancy, it is ideal to take it as it has high concentration of Iron and protein.

High in chlorophyll

High concentration of Iron

Highest source of vit.B1, vit.B2, vit.B3,B6, B9, folic acid, vit.C, vit.D, vit. A and vit. E

Incredibly high in calcium

Has phosphorus content

During radiation therapy, it is advisable to take it as it binds with radioactive isotopes

Can bind with heavy metals, and helps the body to get rid of them

During exercise, it increases fat burning

Spirulina helps athletes to recover from exercise induced oxidative stress that contributes to muscle fatigue.