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Ulcerative colitis and ayurvedic consultation

Ulcerative colitis is a disease when a gastroenterologist confirmed after examining the patient with sigmoid scope or colonoscope that area of large intestine is full of ulcers or wounds.

Cause of Ulcerative colitis is stress and Recurrent infections.

pain in lower part of stomach
Blood and mucus in the stool
Excessive mucus
Going to pass stool for 4-5 times a day.
Weight loss
Blood loss

In Ayurveda, 3000 yr before, there was no sigmoid  scope , colonoscope, no scientific instruments , no blood test to confirm diagnosis. Ayurvedacharya treats the patient  for ulcerative colitis on the basis of symptoms.

Pathogenesis in Ayurveda
When vitiated Apan Vayu vitiate the jathraagni and Kapha and accumulated in large intestine wounds are formed which is called ulcerative colitis.
Ayurveda physician diagnosed it and treat it with dietary habits, herbs and mineralpreparations.

Take Gondkitara with milk
Take lady finger and sweet potato.


No allopathic medicine cure the disease completely. Ayurveda completely cure from root cause

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In today’s life, we find ourselves in a world of unbelievable pollution stress and toxic overload. Our bodies are no longer able to tolerate this assault.  As a result people are getting assault. As a result people are getting diseased.  In such a situation we have to fall back on ancient wisdom in which ayurveda has much to offer. In sanaskrit ayurveda means life and veda means knowledge. Ayurveda is the knowledge of living. It includes the body as well as mind.
According to ayurveda, food can either be used as a medicine or in the form of slow poison. Ayurveda makes use of various tools to restore health. Pranayam , yoga and fasting are the methods of healing used in ayurveda that has tremendous health benefits.
Overeating not a good idea
According to ayurveda if we overeat, food hangs around in our digestive system.  It then putrefies and become ama. Ama is the root cause of most disease. It seems to have a sticky quality which adheres to the channels known as strotas of the body obstruction of flow of energy.
Some of the symptoms of Ama were morning sluggishness, laziness, poor appetite, bloating or heaviness after meals. These accumulated toxins further compromise digestion they move in to channels and get deposited in the organs and tissues of the body where they act as the catalytic agents for disease. The deposit of Ama is strongly linked to obesity too.

Ama can be reduced or eliminated by fasting as it initiates the body’s own healing mechanism.
According to ayurveda accumulated ama must be removed before the treatment begins. Only then main treatment is effective.
However there is a word of caution ayurveda discourages fasting in excess as this also causes disturbance of agni. Fasting is a wonderful antidote for counting over indulgences.
Food during fast should consist of light soup made from split moog dal and khichdi. It is advisable to drink herbal tea on these days. You should take time to relax and avoid stress of any kind. You can take triphala 1/4 tsf to avoid constipation.

Fast is the fastest cure.




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According to Ayurveda this condition is created due to impurities of the blood associated with psychic causes.

Signs and Symptoms

Scaly silver grey papules appear on the exterior surface of either elbows or knees.

Treatment and Internal medication

The patient must be oleated with pancha tikta ghrita guggulu. It should be administered in a dose of two teaspoon full daily with warm milk. This will help in purification of blood, regulate the digestion, and stimulate the liver.

Rasamanikya and Manjisthaadi decoction are to be administered orally.

External Application and Unguentum

The patient’s body must be subjected to unctuous therapy with  Taila. It should be applied over the body.

Sarvanga dhara is a should be given in these patients.


Pungent, salty and spicy food materials must be avoided.

Curds should not be eaten

If salt is to be used, rock salt must be used.

All vegetables which have bitter variety of drum stick, bitter gourd and Brahmi are advised.


The patient is advised to wear only cotton clothes




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Tonsillitis a common problem but it is a headache for parents.
Children from age group 1 yr to 5 yr are suffering from a common problem of URTI and Tonsillitis.
Complaint of fever with chills pain in throat, white exudation of pus in tonsils region. Mothers can see by herself.
Once tonsillitis occurs it takes 5-6 days of children.  Children stop eating.
Sometimes it occurs 3 times in a month.
I request those parents to raise immunity of their children with Ayurveda rasyan to stop or slower recurrent attacks.
Giving antibiotics again and again you are treating the infection but by raising immunity you can make the child to fight with infection.
Ad much as possible we have to save the tonsils because they are the police guard of our body.
By taking rasyana if we can raise immunity of our child.
Save it from recurrent attacks of tonsillitis and antibiotics.



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Chronic sinusitis a common headache but creates a big problem to the people living in metro cities or worldwide. These people have allergic rhinitis.  In ayurveda it is called pratishaya.
Patients suffering from these problems have mucopurulent discharge, headache, facial pain around eyes and cheek bones.

Throat congestion, nasal drip, post nasal drip
They are antibiotics and anti allergies in routine.
Basically they are patients of rhino rhea, severe sneezing specifically exposure to dust and smoke.
I advised them to take ayurveda herbs to raise immunity to get relief from ayurveda herbs and leave antibiotics. Leave the antibiotic, anti allergic slowly- slowly not at an instant.  If taking ayurveda herbs if you are taking anti allergic in routine and then you have to take once a week.
These patients used ayurveda herbs to raise immunity.

I am not saying you will get rid of problem in one day but problem is solved in a year or few months. When your immunity is raised problem get solved.
Thought for the day put Goghrit in nose than putting nasal drops of steroids.


Ayurveda, Disease and Astrology
In ancient times, while treating patient ayurvedic physician worked according to astrology. Certain diseases are linked to certain specific planets. Every organ is related to a particular planet. By this they know how much time to be taken by a patient to get rid of their problem. Sometimes they experienced that diseases is same but by taking same herbal medicine patients are not responding to same treatment.  But for this they read horoscope of patients. From which it is decided which planet is responsible for disease. From horoscope we can know which dasha period is going on. We can also know Dasha of Maraksthan. For this Devvyapaashray chikitsa is done. Mantras Chikitsa is done. Mantra chikitisa is done to slower the effects of disease causing planets. By doing this, same treatment become more effective. Treatment is done and patients are cured.

In todays world, we also work according to Astrology and take the benefits of this year old science to treat the patients. It really helps the patient to come back from long sufferings.



AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

AIDS (Acquired Immunity deficiency syndrome)

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Deficient immune system means loss of OOJ(an ayurvedic term for immunity). According to ayurveda there are seven dhatus in our body i.e. is Lymph, blood, muscle tissue, fat tissue, bone tissue, bone marrow and last dhatu is seminal fluid. Ancient Ayurvedic physician said that this last dhatu is converted to OOJ of body or immunity or you can say cd4 count and T lymphocytes.

Major signs in HIV patients are

Weight loss

chronic diarrhea

Prolonged fever

Recurrent orophrangeal candidiasis


Pruritic dermatitis

It is observed that after the exposure, 3-17 weeks is the incubation period for the antibody test to come positive. But viral infection, high grade fever, skin rash, myalgia Lymphadenopathy appears early.

As an ayurvedic physician I recommend the patients to go for cd4 count.  But on the other side take Rasyana therapy initially so that before hand the immunity goes down. Persons who are doing unsafe sex can also take Rasyana therapy if they have any doubts. In ancient time’s kings or prince who is fond of sex they used to take therapy to gain immunity and strength.  Patient who are HIV positive take it as an additive therapy with anti retro viral drugs to fight with disease.