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Stress pregnancy and Ayurveda

Stress can cause infertility among both men and women. Stress is non-productive.

Infertility is a term used to explain the inability of women to conceive after two year of constant efforts. Birth stress and infertility are correlated terms.  Whether stress can cause infertility or infertility causes stress has a controversial debate. A new research conducted in US says stress causes infertility in women. 
Factors contributing to stress which causes infertility are
Marital disturbance
Job or business stress
Stress related  to target completion
Personal injury
Late marriages 
When diagnosed with infertility many couples feel helpless and no longer in control of their bodies or their life plan.They become stressed. 
On the other hand, Men who work in night shifts are affected as comparing to morning shifts with infertility as their biological clock is very badly disturbed. They sleep during the day and to keep awake they smoke which damage the system further. The stress at work place and sitting for long hours at work station is also found to reduce sperm count.

Mostly women with hectic jobs are at risk. Stress not only causes infertility but also weight gain. Many times stresses may mess up our brains reward and may cause to sugar laden stuff. In fact consuming high food is more likely to lead to weight gain.  Also when we are stressed we are looking for comfort or fast food rather cooking a meal. Stress is the major cause of obesity.  In fact stress makes it difficult to lose weight. Stress puts the body in fight mode or flight mode from an evolutionary perspective and activates the sympathetic nervous system. This lead to the production of fat promoting hormone and cortical and insulin that lead to weight gain. Stress also lead to body’s hunger regulating hormones causing one to eat more.  
All these factors results in weight gain which results in obesity. So stress is the major culprit.  
Women are often more stressed than men. Trying to get pregnant adds more stress on women.  
While there is treatment available for infertility. In Allopathic medicine it is through IVF and IUI. But stress management is done with Ayurveda herbs and life style according to Ayurveda.  Lot of herbs to counter act stress.