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Ulcerative colitis and ayurvedic consultation

Ulcerative colitis is a disease when a gastroenterologist confirmed after examining the patient with sigmoid scope or colonoscope that area of large intestine is full of ulcers or wounds.

Cause of Ulcerative colitis is stress and Recurrent infections.

pain in lower part of stomach
Blood and mucus in the stool
Excessive mucus
Going to pass stool for 4-5 times a day.
Weight loss
Blood loss

In Ayurveda, 3000 yr before, there was no sigmoid  scope , colonoscope, no scientific instruments , no blood test to confirm diagnosis. Ayurvedacharya treats the patient  for ulcerative colitis on the basis of symptoms.

Pathogenesis in Ayurveda
When vitiated Apan Vayu vitiate the jathraagni and Kapha and accumulated in large intestine wounds are formed which is called ulcerative colitis.
Ayurveda physician diagnosed it and treat it with dietary habits, herbs and mineralpreparations.

Take Gondkitara with milk
Take lady finger and sweet potato.


No allopathic medicine cure the disease completely. Ayurveda completely cure from root cause

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Dr. Mukesh bhatia



When a bone is broken or dislocated the broken bone should be reset to its normal position and dislocation reduced.

Patient should avoid salt, spices and sour articles of food.

Babul tree’s bark and seed are very effective in helping reunion of broken bones

Paste is made up of equal parts of garlic, honey, lac and sugar. It should be given with ghee.

Plaster of one of the following pastes is bandaged over the fracture

Hot paste made up of Tamarind and Sesame oil is applied as a fomentation before it is bandaged.

Viscum atriculatum or V. angulata or V.album is applied for three days

Paste of three ingredients- roots of rubia cordifolia, Liquorice root and lemon juice is mixed with ghee (that should be washed 100 times) and rice flour : this plaster is particularly recommended for reducing the inflammation and swelling

Dr. Mukesh bhatia


Paste is made up of equal parts of garlic, honey, lac and sugar. It should be given with ghee.

Plaster of one of the following pastes is bandaged over the fracture

Hot paste made up of Tamarind and Sesame oil is applied as a fomentation before it is bandaged.

Viscum atriculatum or V. angulata or V.album is applied for three days

Paste of three ingredients- roots of rubia cordifolia, Liquorice root and lemon juice is mixed with ghee (that should be washed 100 times) and rice flour : this plaster is particularly recommended for reducing the inflammation and swelling


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Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease, in which no allopathic treatment works. Only options in allopathy are painkillers, steroids, methotrexate and others. In spite of that allopathic medicine has lot of side effects that causes very harmful effects to stomach and even causes diabetes in some people.
In Ayurveda,Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease. According to Ayurveda rheumatoid arthritis is due to intake of opposite nature foods. This causes the vitiation of vatta which led to vitiation of digestive fire. One of the main cause is after taking food rich in oils or fatty food and doing exercise. This causes the vitiation of vatta and there is formation of bad mucus in stomach which is called Aam. This vitiated or abnormal food is taken by the lymphatic channels and blood vessels of our body.
This vitiated blood or lymph is moved to all the body parts as well as big and small joints.

The disease started in the middle finger and in later stage involves all big joints and fingers become spindle shape. Body of patient has deformity in each joint. Due to disease ligaments, muscles and bones get deformed. It is due to hypersensitivity of nervous system.

According to Ayurveda it is a very painful disease. It involves all big and small joints.  This disease causes indigestion, fever. Due to VATTA pain is excessive. VATTAJAAM causes swelling and inflammation of joint. Due to the slowness of fire of stomach food is not digested properly and vitiated mucus is formed. Due to vitiated Vatta bad mucus is taken by the lymphatic and blood vessels. So this Aam is moved or circulated in whole body and each joint.  Where it gets weak cells or dhatu and get accumulated and cause disease.


Unusual eating habits
unusual exercise
Improper sleeping habits
over intake of urad and fats
Heavy water

Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

Pain in joints
Excessive pain in pelvic region
when rheumatoid arthritis is on its high frequency it causes severe pain.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Sihnad guggal
Yograj guggal
Vatair guggal

Agnitundi vati
Chitrak vati
Rason vati

Sammeer panag rasa





Postmenopausal osteoporosis is a chronic progressive disease characterized by low bone deterioration and decreased bone strength that leads to increased bone fragility and a consequent increase in fracture risk. It is a silent disease in most cases with no symptoms until fracture occurs.
Half of the postmenopausal women will have osteoporosis related fracture during the lives, including the one quarter with vertebral deformity about 15 percent with hip fracture due to osteoporosis. Studies have also shown that Caucasian and Asian women are more likely to develop osteoporosis. The WHO has identified osteoporosis as a major public health concerns due to its high prevalence and the serious consequences of osteoporotic fracture.
There is a direct relationship between the lack of estrogen after menopause and development of osteoporosis.
After menopause bone resorption outpaces the building of new bone. Early menopause and any prolonged period in which hormone levels are low and menstrual periods are absent or infrequent can cause loss of bone mass.
Menopause increases the risk of developing osteoporosis. It is estimated that 10 percent of bony mass is lost in first five years after menopause

The most common clinical manifestation of postmenopausal are fracture of the hip, vertebral columns and wrist .Osteoporosis related fracture are responsible for excess mortality, chronic pain, reduction in quality of life, admission to long term care and health care costs and health and social care costs.

To prevent post menopausal osteoporosis Ayurveda has a lot of herbs that can help you to overcome from it in Natural way

Soy protein reduces Cardiovascular disease risk in postmenopausal women
A study conducted at University of Southern California in stroke found that soya protein might help reduce cardiovascular disease risk of postmenopausal women Consumed either soy protein. Every six months ultrasound was done to measure the thickness of carotid artery, a sign of atherosclerosis. Overall there is no difference but among women who had gone through menopause during the past five yr soy reduced progression.




Schizophrenia treatment and ayurveda
Schizophrenia patient must go for exercise. As I have seen patients of schizophrenia their eating habits are very bad because they eat without the control of brain. They are fatty, obese stagnant at a place for hours. Sometimes patients of schizophrenia have thyroid or other hormonal imbalance. .As these people are taking allopathic medicine which is causing gain in weight due to retention of water and sodium.
So I request the attendant of all schizophrenia patients to walk of 10000 steps daily or take them to gym or health club. Their food should contain high fiber diet such as carrots or other vegetable salads.
I request as an ayurvedic physician to take these herbs such as Vriksamla and guggul.Add as additive therapy so that patients do not gain weight.
Weigh reduction itself increase their fight to schizophrenia.
Patients overcome this disease.
It also causes motivation in them to overcome this disease

Yoga and schizophrenia

Sheetali Pranayam
Sit in any comfortable and meditative position. Close your eyes, try to relax your body and breathe normally.
Put your tongue on the lower lip and roll it. While doing this inhale air deeply from mouth and exhale through nose.
How it helps?  It cools down the body by lowering its temperature and can easily be done. You can do in car or train also.
Sheetali purify the  brain hormones and relax mind. It helps to control anger and calms you down. Take herbs as additive to allopathic medicine for schizophrenia.

Sheetkari pranayam
Sit in any comfortable position on the floor .Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed with hands on your knees. Close your eyes clench your lower and upper jaw together and fix your tongue between the gaps. Now part the lips while showing the teeth inhale from mouth and then breathe out through nose.
Sheetkari pranayam refreshes the body and mind. It is especially useful in tackling an afternoon slump.  It removes the excessive heat from the body and cools the system, thus reducing the anger, anxiety and stress .It is also known to purify the blood and brings a natural glow to your skin.




The NATURAL Statins and Angioplastic people
Eating certain foods can lower your cholesterol levels as well as taking statin drugs. It also reported that these foods are as effective as or at times, even more effective than statin drugs. Cholesterol lowering food components include dietary fibers such as fats, phytoesterols and some vitamin.

In a particular study researchers found that food such as soya protein, nuts and cereal fiber as well a plant sterols can lower total cholesterol and mainly LDL. Other less commonly known compounds and nutrients with cholesterol lowering benefits include probiotics, guggulipids, grape seed extracts, cinnamon, turmeric, niacin, pantethine and vitamin c.

Dietary fibers especially soluble fiber has particularly been shown to significant lower LDL
and level of good cholesterol remain unchanged and prevent heart disease.
Good fat
It is found that omega 3 fatty acids actually reduce triglycerides and total cholesterol. These could be fish, walnuts, flaxseed and green leafy vegetables. Besides being rich in omega 3 fatty acids it also contains dietary fiber.
The Harvard school of public health proved that nuts have favorable effects on blood lipids and cholesterol reduction.
Nuts include walnuts and pine nuts.  Analysis shows that almond reduces total cholesterol and LDL for subjects with high cholesterol.
Research shows that frequent seed consumption like fenugreek seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds etc is associated with lower levels of cholesterol. Thus it can protect us from various cardiovascular diseases and its reoccurrence.

Ayurvedic herbs treatment can help you a lot. It will strengthen your arteries as well as your heart

Guggulipids also known as Commiphora mukul or the Indian bedellium has been used to prevent raise in high cholesterol and atherosclerosis.
Red yeast rice has been used in China for reduction of cholesterol and contains mevastatin naturally




Alcohol and the Liver
Avoid excessive and harmful amount of alcohol, defined as intake of over 30gm/per day for men and 20gm/day for women. If you are taking more of this recommended dose, for about 10yrs, there is a significant chance to develop liver cirrhosis, an invariably fatal disease, unless liver transplant is offered at an appropriate time. Women are about twice more likely to be affected with liver disease due to alcohol, than their male counterparts who drink the same amount of alcohol. Alcoholic liver disease is one of commonest cause of liver cirrhosis and also the leading indication for liver transplant. Smoking is also injurious to health. AS AN AYURVEDIC PHYSICIAN I recommend people to take herbal extracts or herbs such as kutki, Bhumiamalaki ,Bhungraj,Ravechini,Kasani seeds, Kalmegh etc.

About one quarter to one third of the normal population has a fatty liver. This is much more prevalent in obese individuals and diabetics. A minority of these patients will develop liver cancer / liver cirrhosis. In developed world where obesity is on increase non alcoholic fatty liver is fast becoming one of the commonest liver disorder.
The mainstay of therapy for NAFL is a healthy lifestyle, which includes  a low fat free diet, avoiding fast food and soft drinks which have high fructose content? It is important to walk regularly and exercise at least for 45-60 minutes eve day, five days a week an effort which burns about 400 cal per day. Medicine has a limited role in the treatment of NAFL. If you are diabetic proper control of blood sugar and body weight help to control fatty liver.
As an ayurvedic physician I recommend you to take ayurvedic herbs such as kutki, Bhumiamalaki,  Kalmegh,Bhuiawalaroot,Giloe root Bhungraj.  I request all allopathic people to give these herbs as an additive therapy to your patients and these herbs have no side effects. Even these herbs regenerate liver cells. I even suggest  people who are consuming alcohol in controlled quantity to take these herbs as supplements for years. But quality of herbs should be good. These herbs have herbal extracts use them as in capsules. Cirrhotic people can also take them.