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Mentally ill can do better in developing countries than western world.
WHO says people suffering from schizophrenia in developing world has the tendency to recover more than western world
In Western World, people lack Stigma, strong family network, no exercise and are less near to nature. Only 15 percent of patients recover on the other hand in India, due to Ayurveda , yoga and strong family networking 37 percent of patients recover.
No one knows what causes schizophrenia, a psychotic illness characterized by disturbed thinking and emotional behavior.
In Northern India 54 percent of the Indians recover from schizophrenia attacks by the goodness Ayurveda and allopathic combinations therapy.
According to Ayurveda supporting network, doing yoga and herbal medicine help the patients to recover early.
In developing countries people shared the responsibility and support the patient.
Schizophrenia is a form of psychosis characterized by symptoms such as disordered thoughts and hallucinations.
Genetically and environmental factors act together to bring schizophrenia.
Experts believe that imbalance of dopamine a neurotransmitter involved in the onset of schizophrenia other neurotransmitter is serotonin.
Family relationships help to come out of schizophrenia.
Stressful experiences trigger the emergence of schizophrenia.
Marijuana a drug or sulpha trigger schizophrenia.
In females it comes later due to the protection covering of estrogen a female hormone.
In Ayurveda it comes under Unmad.
Ayurveda physician helps to balance the chemical in Ayurveda dosha.
These herbal medicine or tonics are given with your allopathic medicine and give miraculous results.
Have faith in Ayurveda






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Ulcerative colitis and ayurvedic consultation

Ulcerative colitis is a disease when a gastroenterologist confirmed after examining the patient with sigmoid scope or colonoscope that area of large intestine is full of ulcers or wounds.

Cause of Ulcerative colitis is stress and Recurrent infections.

pain in lower part of stomach
Blood and mucus in the stool
Excessive mucus
Going to pass stool for 4-5 times a day.
Weight loss
Blood loss

In Ayurveda, 3000 yr before, there was no sigmoid  scope , colonoscope, no scientific instruments , no blood test to confirm diagnosis. Ayurvedacharya treats the patient  for ulcerative colitis on the basis of symptoms.

Pathogenesis in Ayurveda
When vitiated Apan Vayu vitiate the jathraagni and Kapha and accumulated in large intestine wounds are formed which is called ulcerative colitis.
Ayurveda physician diagnosed it and treat it with dietary habits, herbs and mineralpreparations.

Take Gondkitara with milk
Take lady finger and sweet potato.


No allopathic medicine cure the disease completely. Ayurveda completely cure from root cause

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In today’s life, we find ourselves in a world of unbelievable pollution stress and toxic overload. Our bodies are no longer able to tolerate this assault.  As a result people are getting assault. As a result people are getting diseased.  In such a situation we have to fall back on ancient wisdom in which ayurveda has much to offer. In sanaskrit ayurveda means life and veda means knowledge. Ayurveda is the knowledge of living. It includes the body as well as mind.
According to ayurveda, food can either be used as a medicine or in the form of slow poison. Ayurveda makes use of various tools to restore health. Pranayam , yoga and fasting are the methods of healing used in ayurveda that has tremendous health benefits.
Overeating not a good idea
According to ayurveda if we overeat, food hangs around in our digestive system.  It then putrefies and become ama. Ama is the root cause of most disease. It seems to have a sticky quality which adheres to the channels known as strotas of the body obstruction of flow of energy.
Some of the symptoms of Ama were morning sluggishness, laziness, poor appetite, bloating or heaviness after meals. These accumulated toxins further compromise digestion they move in to channels and get deposited in the organs and tissues of the body where they act as the catalytic agents for disease. The deposit of Ama is strongly linked to obesity too.

Ama can be reduced or eliminated by fasting as it initiates the body’s own healing mechanism.
According to ayurveda accumulated ama must be removed before the treatment begins. Only then main treatment is effective.
However there is a word of caution ayurveda discourages fasting in excess as this also causes disturbance of agni. Fasting is a wonderful antidote for counting over indulgences.
Food during fast should consist of light soup made from split moog dal and khichdi. It is advisable to drink herbal tea on these days. You should take time to relax and avoid stress of any kind. You can take triphala 1/4 tsf to avoid constipation.

Fast is the fastest cure.


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Stress pregnancy and Ayurveda

Stress can cause infertility among both men and women. Stress is non-productive.

Infertility is a term used to explain the inability of women to conceive after two year of constant efforts. Birth stress and infertility are correlated terms.  Whether stress can cause infertility or infertility causes stress has a controversial debate. A new research conducted in US says stress causes infertility in women. 
Factors contributing to stress which causes infertility are
Marital disturbance
Job or business stress
Stress related  to target completion
Personal injury
Late marriages 
When diagnosed with infertility many couples feel helpless and no longer in control of their bodies or their life plan.They become stressed. 
On the other hand, Men who work in night shifts are affected as comparing to morning shifts with infertility as their biological clock is very badly disturbed. They sleep during the day and to keep awake they smoke which damage the system further. The stress at work place and sitting for long hours at work station is also found to reduce sperm count.

Mostly women with hectic jobs are at risk. Stress not only causes infertility but also weight gain. Many times stresses may mess up our brains reward and may cause to sugar laden stuff. In fact consuming high food is more likely to lead to weight gain.  Also when we are stressed we are looking for comfort or fast food rather cooking a meal. Stress is the major cause of obesity.  In fact stress makes it difficult to lose weight. Stress puts the body in fight mode or flight mode from an evolutionary perspective and activates the sympathetic nervous system. This lead to the production of fat promoting hormone and cortical and insulin that lead to weight gain. Stress also lead to body’s hunger regulating hormones causing one to eat more.  
All these factors results in weight gain which results in obesity. So stress is the major culprit.  
Women are often more stressed than men. Trying to get pregnant adds more stress on women.  
While there is treatment available for infertility. In Allopathic medicine it is through IVF and IUI. But stress management is done with Ayurveda herbs and life style according to Ayurveda.  Lot of herbs to counter act stress.







FAMILY                                            GUTTIFERAE


BOTANICAL NAME                          Garcinia indica chois

SANSKRIT NAME                              Vrikshamla

ENGLISH NAME                                 Kokam butter tree

Its tree is laden with soft branches. Leaves are of the size of 2.5 -3.5 inch long, 1 – 1.5 inch breadth. Upper side of the leaf is dark green and lower side is yellowish.

Tree has both type of flowers

Male flower are in clusters.

Female flower is single and on the top of tree.


Its seed contain 23-26% oil i.e. kokum butter.


                                GUNA                   LAGHU, RUKSHA

                                RASA                   AMLA(unripe fruit), MADHURAMLA (ripe fruit)

                                VIPAK                   ACIDIC

                                VEERYA                USHNA


It is used in vitiation of vata and kapha, it acts as a liver stimulant and control thirst. It is an amazing heart tonic.

Skin of roots of vrikshamla is used in skin ailments.

In tuberculosis kokum oil is used instead of cod liver oil

Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment for IDDM Diabetes


When vitiated dosha damage to the cells of the pancreas, they resulted in Diabetes. There are Magical Herbs   that can repair the damaged cells of pancreas especially on beta cells.I want to share with you names of herb that act specifically on DIABETES OF TYPE 2.

  • NEEM patraa
  • Bilav patra
  • Gudmar
  • Vijaysar
  • Ashwagandha
  • Karelabeej
  • Shtavar
  • Vasa
  • Laksha
  • Udeechya
  • Kadli
  • Shatpatra
  • Malati
  • Mrigmada musk

All these herbs are collected and their extract is used in herbal medicine.  This medicine is  not Only to control the diabetes of high range but also a cardio protective ,  immunomodulation and Antioxidant.  Awareness about Symptoms and Treatment for IDDM Diabetes is very helpful to decrease in disease.

It is also good to control the hormonal imbalance in women those who are in menopause. Herbs activate the beta    cells of pancreas. We only recommend the patient to take these herbs as they counteract the complication such as diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy. We can use these herbal medicines in both types IDDM 1 & 2   .


These herbs   do following action in our body

  1. It stops the entry of glucose from the intestine level.
  2. It decreases the release of glucose in blood from glycogen for\med in liver due to fat intake.
  3. It exerts the mimic effect like insulin
  4. It repair the B cell of the pancreas
  5. It repairs the myelin sheath of the nerves to prevent diabetic neuropathy and nephropathy.


IN additive to this herbal medicine we can give Swarna Bhasma andRajat Bhasma and Vang Bhasma to control diabetes. If  you have any doubt about Treatment in Diabetes get  free consultation on Diabetes from expert Doctor Mukesh Bhatia.


B.A.M.S M.D(A.M)

Head of Department – Ayurveda MEDICINE



The Hemorrhoids is used to refer to a condition in which the veins around your anus are inflamed and swollen. You might be suffering from Piles for a number of reasons including straining during bowel movements, pregnancy, chronic constipation, and anal intercourse. You could also get Piles if you are sitting in one place for too long or if you are obese and are putting unnecessary strain on your rectal veins.

Hemorrhoids are usually located internally inside the anus or externally under the skin around the anus. The symptoms of Piles may include painful swelling in the anal area, bleeding, and intense pain during bowel movement. Other symptoms include severe itching and a burning sensation around the anus and the surrounding areas and difficulty in passing stool.

To cure Piles you must find the root of the problem. KSHAR SUTRA IS APPLICABLE IN THE CASE OF FISTULA AND HEMORRHOIDS OF 3rd DEGREE. Hemorrhoids or Fistulas are the problem that occurs frequently, if you have surgery, and then it will occur again. So I recommend palliative treatment.

To cure   Piles ensure that you drink plenty of liquids because insufficient liquid intake can cause a hard stool, or even chronic constipation, leading to hemorrhoid irritation. Excessive consumption of dairy products can cause an excess of lactic acid in the stool which leads to rectal irritation. Ensure that your diet includes yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber cereals.  You must also exercise regularly and practice better posture. Treatment in Ayurveda is very effective for Hemorrhoids.

Due to such a long standing disturbed Indigestion, your body channels must be having Huge Deposition of AMA (Undigested Food Particle). This AMA is responsible for all the symptoms which you are having at present.

You need Ayurveda Medication which can make the below two steps possible –

1) Digestion of AMA

2) Expulsion of Digested AMA from Body

our body needs the Expulsion of Toxins and this can only be achieved with the help of Ayurveda Herbs.

Now On the very first place, IN Disturbed Indigestion, passage of the stools with a bit of mucus / blood / pain. So if we have to analyze a patient’s condition as per the principles of Ayurveda, I shall say his/her “Jathragni” or the power of digestion is at its lowest. I also have an idea that nature of stools must be loose / sticky / smelly / burning sensation and all these point out that the stool which comes out from the anus is in a “semi-cooked” state.

Our digestive system must be capable of absorbing the nutrients from the food and expelling the undigested / waste material as stool from the anus. Patient’s digestive system is at present unable to perform these two basic functions. In Ayurveda, we really have very good quality herbs to cure this problem but before coming on the prescription, I shall further like to explain to you in little more depth.

Along with medication you have to follow certain parameters then your problem will be solved forever Take a site bath daily for half an hour during treatment and even after complete relief your problem will be cured .This is the problem that originate by wrong food habits .If your food habits disturbed you will again get it.

Take green and leafy vegetables

Take buttermilk

Never constipate

With the medicines prescribed by us, patient feels a considerable level of improvement in a time span of 20-25 days whether the Hemorrhoids are of external / internal type and within a period of 3-4   months the patient is completely cured.If you want to know more information and treatment for this diseases. Ayurvedic consultation in India is always helping you.

May GOD bless you always with best of Health.

Wishing you best of Health always