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Ulcerative colitis and ayurvedic consultation

Ulcerative colitis is a disease when a gastroenterologist confirmed after examining the patient with sigmoid scope or colonoscope that area of large intestine is full of ulcers or wounds.

Cause of Ulcerative colitis is stress and Recurrent infections.

pain in lower part of stomach
Blood and mucus in the stool
Excessive mucus
Going to pass stool for 4-5 times a day.
Weight loss
Blood loss

In Ayurveda, 3000 yr before, there was no sigmoid  scope , colonoscope, no scientific instruments , no blood test to confirm diagnosis. Ayurvedacharya treats the patient  for ulcerative colitis on the basis of symptoms.

Pathogenesis in Ayurveda
When vitiated Apan Vayu vitiate the jathraagni and Kapha and accumulated in large intestine wounds are formed which is called ulcerative colitis.
Ayurveda physician diagnosed it and treat it with dietary habits, herbs and mineralpreparations.

Take Gondkitara with milk
Take lady finger and sweet potato.


No allopathic medicine cure the disease completely. Ayurveda completely cure from root cause

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Free Online Ayurvedic Treatment by Bhatia Ayurveda

Bhatia Ayurveda is providing Free online ayurvedic consultation for any of your health problems by dialing +919215567044, you may write to us at drmukeshbhatia18@gmail.com for any of your quearies. Visit our Website for more information : http://www.ayurvedicconsult.com/


Free Online Ayurvedic Consultation

Free Online Ayurvedic Consultation

Treatment of Psoriasis With Ayurvedic Herbs


In ayurveda lots of herbs are here with which we can treat this dreadful disease .It is an immunity disorder. In ayurveda there  are lots of herbs with which we can raise your immunity. Due to less immunity Rakta Dhatu( blood) is vitiated that is the reason for suffering from  psoriasis.  Psoriasis is not contagious but it is hereditary.We can treat this disease with our miraculous herbs at Bhatia Ayurveda

I am hereby sharing the names of herbs which are specifically aimed at production  of substances that fight with disease causing factors in psoriasis.

1.    Kranj

2.    Haridra

3.    Manjistha

4.    Sariva

5.    Guduchi

6.    Kirtikt

7.    Aswagandha

8.    Shatawar

9.    Neem

10.   Haridra

11.  Chitrak

These herbs are very helpful in treating this dreadful disease.

Also light massage on your body with KRANJ Oil for  two or three months  can help you to get rid of it. Take care of following thing.

1. Do not stay in very high or low temperature for a long time time

2. Do not eat refrigerated food or stale food

3. Do not take alcohol and carbonated drinks.

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You will be recovered 100% by completing the above course

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