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Mentally ill can do better in developing countries than western world.
WHO says people suffering from schizophrenia in developing world has the tendency to recover more than western world
In Western World, people lack Stigma, strong family network, no exercise and are less near to nature. Only 15 percent of patients recover on the other hand in India, due to Ayurveda , yoga and strong family networking 37 percent of patients recover.
No one knows what causes schizophrenia, a psychotic illness characterized by disturbed thinking and emotional behavior.
In Northern India 54 percent of the Indians recover from schizophrenia attacks by the goodness Ayurveda and allopathic combinations therapy.
According to Ayurveda supporting network, doing yoga and herbal medicine help the patients to recover early.
In developing countries people shared the responsibility and support the patient.
Schizophrenia is a form of psychosis characterized by symptoms such as disordered thoughts and hallucinations.
Genetically and environmental factors act together to bring schizophrenia.
Experts believe that imbalance of dopamine a neurotransmitter involved in the onset of schizophrenia other neurotransmitter is serotonin.
Family relationships help to come out of schizophrenia.
Stressful experiences trigger the emergence of schizophrenia.
Marijuana a drug or sulpha trigger schizophrenia.
In females it comes later due to the protection covering of estrogen a female hormone.
In Ayurveda it comes under Unmad.
Ayurveda physician helps to balance the chemical in Ayurveda dosha.
These herbal medicine or tonics are given with your allopathic medicine and give miraculous results.
Have faith in Ayurveda





Schizophrenia ayurveda treatment

ayurvedic herbs treatment for schizophrenia
Schizophrenia  a disease which is recently a topic of discussion  of program Satyamave Jayte on a public channel star plus.schi
They have called the expert from mental rehabilitation centre. After discussing about the schizophrenic patients he had not touched the ancient system of herbal medicine. In ayurveda, schizophrenia is a manovikriti disorder which is due to vitiation of vatta causing vitiation of satva guna in mana and increasing tamo bhava and rajo bhava .Rajo bhava is anger, irritation and Tamo bhava is negativity. Patient is in a state of confusion. Trying to Speak with himself. Without reason abuse others.
Suicidal tendency is increased.
As an ayurvedic physician, I advised you to go for mantra chiktisa, meditation and ayurveda herbs has a lot of power to regenerate the brain cells. It can repair the damaged neurons or increase the impulsive power of nerve.
Patients of schizophrenia are so much disturbed due to mental stress due to the genes present in brain cells. Secondly, improper sleeping habits, Office stress, Enmity stress, Some chemical imbalance in brain
Meditation and yoga makes the patient better.

Take herbal medicine like Brahmi,SANKHPUSHPI,ASWAGANDHA,Vacha,MANDAKUPARNI
are the nootropic agents or Madhyatasayan in ayurveda  which helps to increase the mental power.
Patient can take these herbal medicine as a additive therapy with their allopathic drugs and as a dietary supplement. .These herbal preparations regenerate the brain cells.
The Hollywood movie The beautiful minds shows the difficulties and problems and how the mind get involved with a negative energy.  So as a herbal physician I request the relatives to take them to yoga centre for meditation and take ayurveda medicine as supplements with your treatment.






The nervous system is a very complicated and delicate set of nerves which spread through out our body and control all the bodily activities. The nerve cells originate or receive impulses and impressions of various sorts, which are conveyed from them to the muscles , blood vessels by efferent nerves or received by them through afferent nerves coming from the skin, organs, sense organs , jan be oints.
Nervous disorders can be broadly categorized as
1. Organic
2. Functional

wonderful ayurveda

wonderful ayurveda

In the first category disease included are the result of somatic changes.
According to Ayurveda however most mental disorder are due to vitiation of the three doshas viz. vata, pitta and kapha , one of the ancient texts opines that person with a weak will power, beset with bad habits of eating and drinking. Fall a prey to mental disorders because three doshas are vitiated
Medicines used in Ayurveda to cure Schizophrenia
Correct dosage and administration will led you to live a life free from schizophrenia
Ayurveda has the ability to completely cure schizophrenia
What you need is a right physician and right approach. Do contact